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Things to keep in mind when picking a tour operator

Muslims from all over the world, pay a visit to Allah in the holy city of Makkah and Madinah to perform Umrah.

If you have performed Umrah several times before and know the conditions, hotels, and markets of Makkah and Madina then it is easy for you to choose a package. However, some Muslims have little or no understanding of the process that needs to be completed before performing Manasiq of Umrah (Rituals of the holy pilgrimage). For this purpose, professional Umrah services take care of all the arrangements for a specified sum of money charged for their service. These operators not only take care of your stay but also your flight tickets, visa formalities, transport, etc. They also offer training courses before you travel to ensure you are aware of how to perform Umrah. Most people opt for such packages, as they are convenient, experienced and take care of your needs.

Every company has its own way of designing and offering Umrah packages. Most Umrah tours or travel agencies offer private and government packages simultaneously. These companies offer deals based on the number of nights that you get to spend in Makkah and Madina, the quality of living, food and other facilities like travel arrangements, etc.

People have varied reasons to perform Umrah. Whilst some may prefer longer duration packages which allow them to spend more days in the holy places, there may be others who want to visit Mecca and Madina on Umrah but have less time.

For this very reason, agencies also have the option where you can customize your pilgrimage to suit your needs, budget, places you want to visit, the duration of your stay, etc.

Generally, Umrah packages are less expensive than Hajj packages.

There are many Umrah tour operators in the city which makes the selection process even more difficult. Here are a few tips that could assist you in your decision.

How to choose the right Umrah tour agency or package

1. Understand your needs

The key to choosing the right tour operator and the right package is to first identify and understand your requirements – what is your budget, number of days you want to spend in the holy city, places you want to visit, etc. If you plan to explore food and restaurants on your own, then you can choose a package without food arrangements. For pilgrims performing Umrah for the first time, it would be advisable to take packages that include complete facilities from hotels, to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and transportation.

2. Verified Travel Agents

Ensure that the travel agent or tour operator you approach are experienced and authorized to conduct such pilgrimages. The tour operator should be registered with the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj. Akbar Umrah is reputed, has an experienced team of top tour operators and guides and is known for its best services offered for such pilgrimages.

3. Selection of the best package

Check out the deals and packages the operator has to offer against your requirements. You would also want to consider the distance of the hotel arrangements to Haram-e-Kaabah as it can get very hectic and tiring if the distance from the site is too long. All these points would help you decide if you would want a normal or customized package.

Akbar Umrah offers exclusive Umrah packages which not only cover flight tickets, Visa, and Hotel bookings, but also provide Meet & Assist facility, Luxury coaches, and Money exchange & even travel insurance. You can also choose to customize your Umrah package based on your convenience. The team at Akbar Umrah is always available to assist you to find the right match for your pilgrim travel needs.

4. Best Price

Lastly, choose the best package that not only caters to your entire requirements but is also pocket-friendly. Akbar Umrah’s competitive pricing, best offers and experienced & friendly team will ensure that your Umrah trip is comfortable and totally hassle-free.

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